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Aaliyah from
The customer service.
Apr 18 2017 1:19PM Hector Arroyo 2015 Lexus $ 10.00
Daniel from
The professionalism of the staff. They were able to expedite the requests.
Apr 18 2017 1:17PM Israel Martinez 2008 Mercedes-Benz $ 58.00
Daniel from
You did what you said you would.
Apr 17 2017 5:49PM Israel Martinez 2008 Mercedes-Benz $ 1,206.63
John from
You were there you did a good job.
Apr 17 2017 5:10PM Israel Martinez 2014 Toyota $ 85.00
Joe from
They did what they said they would do and they did a good job. They did it in one day as promised and were pleasant to work with.
Apr 11 2017 12:43PM Hector Arroyo 2007 Toyota $ 670.00
The people who helped us out like Israel.
Apr 11 2017 12:23PM Israel Martinez 2013 Toyota $ 1,710.25
Robert from PALM SPRINGS
I don't appreciate the way two employees treated me. Hector and Tyler were extremely rude to me they were changing their mind every minute for when the car was ready and they told me I could only pay with a cashier's check. When I brought the check I was told the car was still not ready and that I owed more the $300 dollars because Allstate would not cover.
Apr 5 2017 9:29AM Hector Arroyo 2014 Audi $ 6,744.00
They're fast. They're friendly. Good service.
Apr 4 2017 1:54PM Hector Arroyo 2017 Toyota $ 529.11
From the moment I contacted them they were on the ball and were good all the way through.
Mar 25 2017 12:21PM Hector Arroyo 2016 Audi $ 6,234.97
Steven from PALM SPRINGS
The work itself is a "10" but the timespan is terrible. They had the car for 31 days. Enterprise is calling me about a additional day that I owe (customer would like a call back about that issue).
Mar 16 2017 11:10AM Hector Arroyo 2017 Lincoln $ 7,634.39
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